Incomparable accuracy of detection and extraction provided by the BriefCam critically advances post-event investigation efficiency by pinpointing objects and people of interest fast and precisely. Additionally, BriefCam helps to considerably enhance investigation efficiency, simultaneously presenting objects that have occurred on the video at different times and enabling the review of long videos in minutes.
Rapidly search and classify objects and activities of interest by women, men, children, lighting changes and vehicles with speed and accuracy, using 27 classes and features, combined with appearance similarity, face recognition, color, speed, path, direction, dwell time and size, offering an ever enhancing and potential set of evident search combinations.
*Watch hours of videos just in several minutes and specify people and objects of interest by their features.
Case Management
Arrange all video recordings of an investigation in one container, bookmark the necessary objects, and conclude case findings (especially relevant material evidence) in an exportable report without any limitations of dynamic collaboration with other users.
Video Synopsis
Synchronically display objects that have occurred at various times in the video. Consequently, there is a considerably shorter video fragment, which completely preserves the ability of the viewer to learn and analyze a long scene in seconds.
Multi-Camera Search
Innovative multi-camera search successfully identifies women, men, children, and vehicles of interest rapidly and accurately, using appearance similarity, face recognition, size, speed, apparel, color, path, illumination change, direction, and dwell time filters.
Face Recognition
Precise face recognition quickly pinpoints people using digital pictures gained from either the video or external sources.
Appearance Similarity
Promptly locate people, vehicles, and items of interest by looking for objects with identical peculiarities.
Visual Layers
Design visual analytics for dwell time, activity, background changes, and typical paths.
Filter Tolerance
Arrange tolerance levels to classify search results for features, class, color, direction, dwell time, area, path, appearance similarity and face recognition.
Density & Speed Control
Enhance or diminish the quantity and speed of events displayed simultaneously.
Sort Control
View events in sequence or in order of importance, easily zooming in on the necessary items.
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