The integral operational intelligence platform of BriefCam uses aggregated and extracted video metadata, specifically women, men, children, color, size, path, direction, location, time, dwell time and speed, giving users an opportunity to analyze their video in terms of quantity and gain actionable insights for operational decision-making, security, and safety based upon data.
Rapidly search and classify objects and activities of interest by women, men, children, lighting changes and vehicles with speed and accuracy, using 27 classes and features, combined with appearance similarity, face recognition, color, speed, path, direction, dwell time and size, offering an ever enhancing and potential set of evident search combinations.
Use video surveillance content to detect quantifiable materials and trends to have a better understanding of your customer’s behavior and enhance benefits. Dwell time, map customer paths and object interaction:

-Tracing crowd size, demographics, and movement tendencies
-Specifying crime hotspots
-Creating more beneficial retail floor patterns
-Detecting optimal store locations
-Leveraging traffic flow at main interchanges
-Tracing employee compliance with security requirements
Operational Intelligence
Arrange all video recordings of an investigation in one container, bookmark the necessary objects, and conclude case findings (especially relevant material evidence) in an exportable report without any limitations of dynamic collaboration with other users.
Highly Adaptive
Synchronically display objects that have occurred at various times in the video. Consequently, there is a considerably shorter video fragment, which completely preserves the ability of the viewer to learn and analyze a long scene in seconds.
Third Party Data Sources
Innovative multi-camera search successfully identifies women, men, children, and vehicles of interest rapidly and accurately, using appearance similarity, face recognition, size, speed, apparel, color, path, illumination change, direction, and dwell time filters.
Face Recognition
Obtain unique insight into employee efficiency and customer satisfaction by taking advantage of face recognition as a link to strategic planning initiatives.
Flexible Scheduling
Settle ceaseless or one-time dashboard organization for VMS video sources.
Visual Layers
Use research dashboards to abstract insights with visualized layer tendency analytics.
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