CERBAIR Passive radio frequency identification
The passive radiofrequency technology causes no intervention to the neighboring networks. It detects the current communication between the drone and remote control. With the proprietary algorithms we offer, the solution can locate the drone, its make, model and pilot in real time. The simple-to-navigate interface provides you with the necessary facts indispensable to effectively counter a threat.
Radiofrequency is considered to be the most cost-effective way to detect a drone available on the modern market. While the electronic and physical interception of a drone may be complicated, radiofrequency proves to be the unique detection technology, which helps to detect the pilot and eliminate the threat by showing Law Enforcement the position of the offender.
The mobile solution is developed to guarantee the maximum short-term protection of sensitive events and sites. Due to its small size, it can fit into an airplane or SUV, thus, making transportation easy and convenient. Two operators are needed for the rapid installation of this solution. The system may be powered by a generator or a general power supply and is 100% autonomous.
RF Detection
Software-specified radios which can detect UAVs
Alarm System
Custom configuration that enables early and critical warning and real-time notifications
Demodulation or Direction Finding can be used to help CerbAir locate UAVs
Mobile Notifications
Configuration to get a mobile push notification the moment UAVs are found
High Range of Detection
Range X mile (XXkm) with one CerbAir unit
Wireless Updates
Real-time software updating enables constant adaptation and threat evolving
Convenient Scaling
Simple horizontal scaling with a bigger number of units
Automated/Manual Response
It is possible to preprogram CerbAir to work in two modes: fully automatically or “take action” manually
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