Plug and Play
Insensitive to Camera
Our platform functions with any camera, so there is no necessity for replacement.
Functions with Existing Chip
Functions with Existing ChipNo adjustments to existing hardware.
Instantly operational and customizable.
GDPR Compatible
Compatible with GDPR regulations
Face Recognition
Body Recognition
Object Detection
The world’s leading Al-based tactical surveillance system, able to find, trace and recognize objects and people of interest in a crowd in real-time.

Better Tomorrow is an elaborate platform, which provides one-to-many recognition features upon request. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, we are ready to cater to your needs.

Better Tomorrow Edge incorporates all the advantages of our unique desktop platform on your periphery device, combined with exclusive, on-the-go features that allow officers and agents to function efficiently on the ground, with no need for high-powered servers.
AnyVision lets you try the key of tomorrow.

SesaMe is identification and registration software that uses the power of our profound learning platform.

Open a prospect by investigating SesaMe functions.

Abraxas is the most advanced AnyVision solution that aims at face recognition, which simplified access control. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technology. Providing an extra level of facial recognition as a criterion for access control to a physical facility, Abraxas achieves better accuracy, security and safety of access management.
AnyVision is the world’s most advanced video analytics company that specializes in human and face recognition in mass crowd activities in real-time. Founded in 2014, AnyVision is managed by safety experts and academics. AnyVision has created 'Better Tomorrow' solution that is the international leading Tactical Surveillance System (T.S.S.) for face recognition in real-time, which uses profound learning patterns to find, trace and recognize a Person Of Interest (POI), irrespective of time and place, with a 99% precision rate. At the same time, the solution helps to analyze numerous live video streams from different sources, including mobile cameras, wearable, and CCTV cameras. Better Tomorrow by AnyVision finds, traces and alerts on persons of interest in real-time, as the system can analyze pre-recorded files and live videos. Besides, it can retrieve materials from various sensors that can be easily tracked, processed and represented by a set of highly functional analytic tools and ultimate algorithms.
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