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Events from different times: filtered and presented at the same time

Various events can be shown at the same time.

Video Content Analytics platform offered by the BriefCam drives ultimate importance from surveillance system investments, making it easy to search, determine and use the video.

Exclusive BriefCam’s fusion of computer vision and modern technologies, combined with the patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS, provides video investigators with an opportunity to review hours of recordings just within minutes and quickly pinpoint places and people of interest.

Groundbreaking & Extensible Platform: A substantial portfolio of inevitable video analytics capabilities completely consolidated for a “better together” paradigm.

Incomparable Accuracy: The use of market-leading accuracy for disclosure, arrangement and recognition across object features, classes, appearances, and behaviors.

Irreproachable Performance: Successfully supports the requirements for real-time and on-demand analytics for complete camera coverage.

Adjustable Architectures: Created to meet your current and future business needs.

Simplicity of Use: Ultimately fast time to value and low cost of ownership accelerate productivity, enhance time to target and guarantee a competitive edge.

Real-time alerting capabilities of the BriefCam provide organizations with a chance to respond to situational modification in their environment in advance, while successfully balancing accuracy, sensitivity, and efficiency. BriefCam’s alerts can be easily integrated with different alerting modules (including PSIM and VMS) and messaging systems.
Incomparable accuracy of detection and extraction provided by the BriefCam critically advance post-event investigation efficiency by pinpointing objects and people of interest fast and precisely. Additionally, BriefCam helps to considerably enhance investigation efficiency, simultaneously presenting objects that have occurred on the video at different times and enabling the review of long videos in minutes.
The integral operational intelligence platform of BriefCam uses aggregated and extracted video metadata, specifically women, men, children, color, size, path, direction, location, time, dwell time and speed, giving users an opportunity to analyze their video in terms of quantity and gain actionable insights for operational decision-making, security, and safety based on data.
The BriefCam® Mobile Application is compatible with Android and iOS devices and can derive rapidly-growing value from surveillance camera investments simply by contributing to the "search on-the-go” feature of the video. With the chatbot functionality and natural language understanding, post-event investigation capabilities of the BriefCam Mobile App become more extended and powerful. The Mobile App increases time-to-target and enhances situational awareness by quickly pinpointing women, men, children, vehicles and other objects across surveillance cameras within a specified period, right from the mobile device of the user.
Accelerate Investigations
Review hours of recordings just within minutes and quickly pinpoint places and people of interest
Acquire Situational Awareness
The use of leading analytics for real-time reporting to balance sensibility and exactitude
Determine Operational Intelligence
Determine quantitative insights for operational productivity and decision making based on data
BriefCam is based on outstanding Video Synopsis technology, enabling fast video review, search, and evaluation.

Processed video metadata are available in various visualization modes (including charts, heat-maps, background changes, paths, and others), improving the safety investment in operational applications.

Necessary events are bookmarked, so the original video may be accessed in one click. Planned tasks are automatically processed, while alerts are sent via mobile app or e-mail.
Video Analytics
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