Stationary Solution
Long Range
Military installations, border control, airports, bases, palaces and royal fleets. Passive detectors provide early warning and direction finding for both UAVs and operators, across thousands of models. UAVs are detected before liftoff, prior to being acquired by radars.

Automatic classification of the target and video tracking are useful for identification that further enables completely automatic operation of a man in the loop to confirm payload or airframe.

RF jammers surpass UAS, disabling comms with operators and GNSS satellites. Lasers and illuminators are used to deny the imagery capture of vulnerable areas.
Level 1. Echodyne MESA is a short-range radar that features 1 kilometer of working radius. The item detects drones of different sizes, including such mini-drones as Black Hornet.
Level 2. The Dynetic long-range radar guarantees the second level of protection with a working range of 6 kilometers. The updated version of this radar is equipped with a 3D scanner. The key difference from other radars available on the market lies in the absence of rotating or moving parts, which enhances the service life of the Dynetic. Besides, unlike similar solutions offered on the world market, there are only several companies that produce radars with a 6-km range.
Level 3. This level of protection features a long-range camera equipped with an infrared spectrum that makes it convenient to track drones during the night. The working distance is equal to 5 kilometers, and the fixation time is up to 3 seconds. These cameras are completely automatic and convenient for missile tracking systems. They are widely used by the US Navy. Video detection is one of the most complicated and challenging tasks in any antidron system. Needless to say, few companies can cope with it as perfect as Black Sage does!
Level 4. RF sensors are used to monitor radio frequencies. The working distance may reach 10 km. The RF sensor finds the location of the drone and determines the coordinates of the operator.
Level 5. This level of protection presupposes jamming of the radio frequencies for around 7 km. While the industry standard is jamming a limited number of frequencies (mainly 3 of them), our equipment is enriched with more frequencies to cope with modified drones. Additionally, this level presupposes a GPS jamming and spoofing of the mobile network.
Mid Range
Mid Range
The MID RANGE solutions have identical levels of protection as the LONG RANGE ones but comprise a shorter working distance. While the LONG RANGE feature 10 km, MID RANGE is characterized by a 3-kilometer radius.
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