Video Target Tracking
Video target tracking is the system that provides operators with an ability to track long-range objects, simultaneously directing sighted effectors (including lasers, illuminators, and jammers) in order to put energy right on the target.

The gamepad controller that is included in the solution is simple to use, which helps to make target tracking as simple as playing video games. A diversity of available camera systems and a range of hand selectable tracking technologies are made to accommodate around any application for ground-based or aerial target tracking.
Positioners from different suppliers are automatically supported, meet military requirements, and allow fine motor control. Black Sage has customized them to support low light, visible, SWIR, WDR, MWIR, LWIR, and other imagers.
Six modes are offered to adjust tracking applications, specifically maritime, air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and ground-to-ground. Algorithms presuppose Dynamic Correlation, Threshold Tracking, Edge Tracking, Dynamic Centroid, Video Motion Detection, and Hottest Spot.
Video target tracking is a convenient system for tracking fast-flying small UAS that exceed a 5-kilometer range restricted just by atmospheric conditions and the zoom capabilities of the camera. Contrast based display renders UAS as white-hot that is easy to track. Thus, the operator can zoom in to check the payload and airframe.
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