What are the most important Abraxas features?
Entrance/exit control
Manage smart buildings
Secure restricted areas
Arena-gate access control
Abraxas is the advanced AnyVision solution that aims at face recognition, which simplifies access control. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technology. Providing an extra level of facial recognition as a criterion for access control to a physical facility, Abraxas achieves better accuracy, security and safety of admission management.
The Abraxas solution uses AnyVision’s leading proprietary Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) technology. Abraxas puts an extra level of face recognition onto the access control of a physical facility. Consequently, the facilities can leverage face recognition software as a way to successful access management. Face recognition can replace or add to current access control methods, especially keypads, proximity cards, iris detectors, and others.
Control access authorization and warn tailgating
Enable visitors to access your solution flawlessly
Integrate fast, retaining your existing hardware and systems
Achieve 99.9% precision rate of face recognition
Warn service spoofing with liveness verification
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