Аccess controls systems

Our access control solutions are customizable. They offer an ability to combine and match the top-of-the-line software and hardware in order to seamlessly combine them with other systems like surveillance. They can be used for the most different purposes, starting with simple recognition and entry control and up to front-ranked access management.
Any hardware can be used. You are not limited to proprietary hardware. That is to say that you may use open-standard components you prefer from literally any supplier.
Join them together with other systems and software, such as HVAC solutions, analytics solutions for the network camera, attendance and time solution, and others.
Save resources and decrease the overall ownership cost. The access control solution we provide can be linked to and powered by the IP network you have, so you are not bound to costly proprietary equipment.
Take advantage of versatility and scalability. Begin with what you need and advance your solution easily in line with your requirements and business with the help of open interfaces.

Access Control

Building Access Systems can improve efficiency and are exceptionally suitable for compliance. They may be adjusted for automatic use or utilization with the help of a controller. Besides, they can provide free-flow traffic or require documentation by the use of safe credentials. The systems can be digital or physical, utilizing biometric scanners, pin cards, or key cards. Smartphone access codes can also be used. Access or key cards are commonly used to authenticate identity, particularly when it comes to apartment security systems. Video surveillance and alarms may be used together with Access Control. The more safety levels are involved, the better management opportunities are achieved.

A door control system can provide two-factor authentication by linking to video recording. The operators of access control can verify individuals and objects, tag incidents and allow or reject entry in real time, adjusting moment-to-moment access in response to emergency or strategy. Monitoring of entries and exits allows decreasing heating and cooling expenses when areas are unoccupied.

Door control will optimize flow, decrease liability and costs, assist staff changes and provide continuous actionable intelligence, reducing security personnel. Post-incident investigations can be aided by searchable and stored reports, which are admissible in court.

Radiofrequency identification (RFID), which is commonly used for protection and support of wildlife research, can be accessed by Access Control. Multiple other technologies can be linked to the system, specifically Visitor and Identity Management, Biometrics (including retina scan, fingerprints, and others), License Plate Recognition, Alarm panels, Elevator Control, Security Patrol Tracking, etc.

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