16 March, 2020

Face recognition systems for combating drug addicts appeared in pharmacies

Face recognition systems for combating drug addicts appeared in pharmacies
In mid-January 2020, face recognition systems for combating drug addicts appeared in Shanghai pharmacies. People who buy prescription drugs at the terminal must verify their identity before receiving the drug. It is assumed that such a system will not allow potential offenders to receive prescription drugs in order to turn them into materials for illegal drugs.

The system scans both pharmacists and patients. In addition to identifying drug abusers, it should prevent medical workers from conspiring with customers to illegally sell drugs containing psychotropic substances or tranquilizers. In China, the problem of drugs derived from drugs is especially acute, and it is very difficult to stop this activity due to the high prevalence and availability of such drugs. For example, ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, found in colds and allergies, is a key component of crystalline methamphetamine.

Shanghai government drug control agencies are satisfied with the first terminal tests and plan to fully cover all the city’s medical facilities in the first half of 2020. According to China News, a face recognition system is already being used in 31 healthcare organizations in seven districts of the city and has conducted more than 300 scans.

Prescription drug terminals are another example of China’s face recognition technology. Having successfully implemented security applications, China is pushing new technology into healthcare and education.

According to a report from iiMedia Research, in 2019, about 201 million Chinese people signed an agreement to recognize faces when contacting government agencies. It is expected that by 2022 the number of this group will exceed 760 million people.

11 February, 2020

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