Real-time alerting capabilities of the BriefCam provide organizations with a chance to respond to situational modifications in their environment in advance, while successfully balancing accuracy, sensitivity, and efficiency. BriefCam’s alerts can be easily integrated with different alerting modules (PSIM and VMS) and messaging systems.
Smart Alerts by BriefCam guarantee near real-time reporting of the following operational, security and safety events:

People or vehicles on railway lines
Roaming of people and loitering of vehicles
Entering confined areas
Moving of objects in the wrong way
Illegal parking in the drop off areas
Bicyclists on the sidewalk
Delinquency in service charge and fare payment
Real Time Alerts
Launch real-time, rule-driven notifications by face recognition, people, vehicles of interest and object reckon in time-dependent situations.
AI Smart Alerts
Respond to significant situational modifications in the environment while successfully balancing accuracy, sensitivity, and efficiency.
Face Recognition
Potential capabilities of Facial Recognition in real time provide top-notch face matching to quickly pinpoint people of interest using digital images received from either the video or external sources.
Send notices to messaging services, as well as the VMS alarms area. Integration with Milestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center.
Watchlists & Rule Configuration
Flective face recognition watchlist control and potential alert rule configuration guarantee fast event notification in your environment.
One-Click Case Creation
Increase time to target with one-click episode creation based on an alert and quickly review daily alert activities using a video synopsis in a matter of minutes.
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