Anti-Drone - C-UAS - DronKiller

Even the Most Critical Assets Are Likely to Be Vulnerable to Drones

Organizations are uninformed when small UAS encroach on their strategic airspace.

We develop integrated counter-UAS systems and training to prevent the occurrence of drones in your airspace, as well as to improve your level of safety.

We offer
Active radars are aimed at the detection of UAS locations. Besides, they provide a continuous stream of specific data to the Al target classifier that activates actions, alarms, and effectors within the system.
Identification becomes possible due to video tracking and automatic classification of targets. These features also enable a completely automatic operation or an optional man-in-the-loop for visual confirmation of craft and payload.
With the GNSS operators and satellites, RF jammers disable comms and defeat UAS. Additionally, lasers and illuminators are used to deny the visualization of vulnerable areas.
Forensics information with an immediate replay that displays aircraft features, flight paths, and timestamps can guarantee successful prosecution in case a UAS operator is charged with criminal offenses.
Passive RF 3 km
The passive radiofrequency technology causes no intervention to the neighboring networks. It detects the current communication between the drone and remote control. With the proprietary algorithms we offer, the solution can locate the drone, its make, model and pilot in real time. The simple-to-navigate interface provides you with the necessary facts indispensable to effectively counter a threat.
Disruptors Jammers 7km
Disruptors are used in a range of form factors to guarantee the maximum flexibility across applications, especially rejecting comms from IED distant detonators, infringing satellite signals, eliminating control of UAS operators and others.
Video Tracking 5km
Video target tracking is the system that provides operators with an ability to track long-range objects, simultaneously directing sighted effectors (including lasers, illuminators, and jammers) in order to put energy right on the target.
3D radar 120° 6km
Dynetic 3D Security radar provides superior sensor functioning, being a small, all-weather, solid-state item. EchoGuard has recently become a winner of the SOFWERX Game of Drones as an excellent solution for multilayered area defense.
Echodyne MESA radar 1 km
The ground-based airspace management radar we offer can find and track small drones and manned aircraft at 1 and 3 km correspondingly.
With whom we work
For Government

Our C-UAS solutions are designed mainly for the military sector. Complex solutions have been installed at over 30 sites around the globe (including hotspots). The systems protect not only military facilities with critical infrastructures, but also thousands of military personnel every day, 365 days a year. Besides, if you care about the reduction of drone threats and maximization of the safety level, you are in the right place.

WORLD LEADERS / [EU] Police/Military
Black Sage supplied an EU customer CUAS capability to protect an international summit including world leaders from all EU countries.
UK ROYAL FAMILY / UK National Security
Black Sage and partner Dynamiq were commissioned to protect the Royal Family— including Her Majesty,— members of Parliament
MILITARY BASE / Thailand Military
Black Sage supplied a Thai Military customer with a CUAS system for the protection of military assets, military personnel and VIPs.
NASA ARMSTRONG / US Space Administration
Black Sage supplied NASA Armstrong flight Research Center with CUAS capabilities for their UAS test range outside in Edwards, California.
PRIME MINISTER / [Asia] Military
Black Sage supplied an Asian Military customer with a CUAS system which was installed on the national leader’s residence.
CRITICAL POWER / US Crticial Infrastructure
Black Sage’s radars and neural net target classifier were deployed by one of the US’ largest power substation (tier 1) to reduce false alarms and increase security for NERC requirements.

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