Insights: Analytics Platforms For Stores
Better Tomorrow solution can be used for commercial purposes. The platform may trigger efficient insights about your customers starting new business verticals and income sources of your company.

Substantial Shoppers Substantial Shoppers
Gaze Evaluation Gaze Evaluation
Offline to Online Offline to Online
Heat Maps Heat Maps
Improved Client Journey Improved Client Journey
Consistent Consistent
Insights provide you with an exclusive chance to peek into your store's daily activities, from the initial level of you being a visitor, taking advantage of our state-of-the-art attention concentration capability, through the buying stage and finally to the loyalty stage, characterized by a high-end recognition platform.
Evaluate the store traffic at specific hours
Systematize new and returning visitors in accordance with their location
Find prominent and dead in-store sectors
Conduct real-time people reckoning
Make heatmaps of the most and least traveled walkways
Estimate user’s attention focus
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