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BriefCam Partner Program
Expensive video assets are collecting dust all around the globe, so investments in video observation systems are not being implemented. Fortunately, Dronkiller together with BriefCam is the solution aimed at changing the situation in order to offer hundreds of customers an opportunity to advance their time and detect business intelligence shut in their video observation systems.
BlackSage Partner Program
Dronkiller & BlackSage companies combine their efforts to guarantee an advanced, complex drone detection and reduction system for critical infrastructure, military institutions, and civilian authorities.
To provide airport perimeter security, urban environments, as well as other sensitive destinations against drones, BlackSage integrates sensors with radio-frequency and AI jammers.
AnyVision Partner Program
AnyVision is the world’s most advanced developer of object, facial, body recognition platforms.
Our products are designed to operate on any sensor and with any resolution and guarantee excellent functioning in real-time and in objective situations.
Our goal is to change the future of AI, creating more secure and better Tomorrow.
Program Benefits / RequorementsBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Bussiness Partner Discount RateGoodBetterMuch BetterBEST
End-user Sales MotionAgent | Dron KillerPartner | Dron KillerPartnerPartner
Demo AccountNoYesYesYes
Sales ToolsYesYesYesYes
Project Registration SupportYesYesYesYes
Annual Sales PlanNoYesYesYes
Sales & Pre-sales Certification RequiredNoNo/YesNo/YesYes
Technical Certification Required (Instal & Admin)NoNo/YesNo/YesYes
Duration of Certification-18 Months18 Months18 Months
Customer Pre-Sales & L1 Technical Support MotionNAPartner > Dron KillerPartner > Dron KillerPartner
Sales Training ReesNo Cost | LMSNo Cost | LMSNo Cost | LMSNo Cost | LMS
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