Drone technologies are rapidly evolving, creating numerous problems and concerns among the militaries of different countries. However, the production of quality anti-drone systems has also been launched to protect and defend vulnerable areas. The key tasks of any UAV detection system are timely detection, tracking, and identification of a target and jamming.

Realizing the important task of the military and its significance for the safety of society, an increasing number of countries started implementing and using innovative technologies. Black Sage drone tracker offers a multilayered counter-drone system that helps to notice and mitigate any threat. We provide clients with a proper combination of process, technology, and support that can be addressed to any threat, mission or location. Additinally, AnyVision and BriefCam may be ultimately useful for detecting and tracking people and objects of interest, which will guarantee an additionall level of safety.


  • Face recognition for Military
  • Video analytics for Military
  • С-uas systems for Military
  • Video System Design for Military
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